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Stretch Film


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Western Plastics Air Flow Stretch Film
Air-Flow pallet wrap is a stretch film with die cut holes for ventilation. Air-Flow i..
Western Plastics Auto Bander Jumbo Stretch Film
Auto Bander is jumbo sized stretch film that is narrow in width. It is machine roll stretch film. Us..
Western Plastics Eco- Max Stretch Film
Eco-Max stretch film is a stiff formula micron pallet wrap. It is stiffer and stronger than conventi..
Western Plastics EZ Bander Stretch Film
EZ Bander is a ultra cling cast stretch film with a narrow width. Clings to itself. Stretch banding ..
Western Plastics HandyWrap Pallet Stretch Wrap
HandyWrap is a pallet stretch wrap on disposable extended core handles.  HandyWrap Products ..
Western Plastics HandyWrap Stretch Banding Film
HandyWrap is stretch banding film on a disposable extended 1 inch core handle.  HandyWrap Prod..
Western Plastics Hybrid80 Color Stretch Film
Hybrid80 tinted colored stretch film. It is a stiff formula micron pallet wrap.  Hybrid80 Colo..
Western Plastics Hybrid80 Machine Grade Stretch Film
Hybrid80 is a multi-layer micron pallet wrap. It is a 'greener' stretch wrap film.  Hybrid80 P..
Western Plastics Hybrid80 Plus Stretch Film
Hybrid80 Plus is a 'greener' stretch film. It has lighter weight rolls to eliminate the need to stre..
Western Plastics Hybrid80 Stretch Film
Hybrid80 is a stiff formula micron pallet wrap. I comes in narrow width, 3" handwrap core, extended ..
Western Plastics Identi Color Tinted Stretch Film
Identi color tinted pallet wrap is great for product identification, product dating, tamper evidence..
Western Plastics Logo Stretch Film
Logo film is a stretch wrap that can be printed on. Stretch film with extended core handles. Stock m..
Western Plastics Machine Grade Ultra Stretch Film
Machine grade is a ultra cling machine film. It is a ultra stretch high performance pallet wrap.&nbs..
Western Plastics Pallet-Tite Stretch Film
Pallet-tite is a high performance ultra cling handwrap.  Pallet-Tite Products Item No. ..
Western Plastics Perfom XL Stretch Film
Perform XL is a superior stretch machine grade pallet wrap. High end cast machine grade film offers ..