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George P. Whitman, IV and owner George P. Whitman, III

Trusted for generations

Industrial Tape & Supply Company is a family-owned and -operated company, providing specialty tapes and services to industry since 1954.

George P. Whitman, Jr. started this company after having worked for an industrial tape manufacturer for 17 years. Keeping the business success in the family, Whitman, Jr. hired his son, George Whitman, III, into the sales department. He learned how to run the business from the bottom-up and took over the company after his father’s passing in 1979.

Industrial Tape & Supply takes on a sales-driven approach to grow its customer base across industrial markets. By adding the capabilities of printing, converting, and slitting tape, Industrial Tape & Supply offers a distinct edge in providing customizable products.

Today, George Whitman, III  continues to grow the business, along with his son, George Whitman, IV. Together, the two are preparing the company for future growth and success.

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