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Airplanes and spacecrafts are filled with with highly-engineered specialty tapes. One of the most utilized tapes in aerospace is foil tape. Due to factors such as weight, strength, and heat-resistance, a variety of tapes we offer make an ideal product for many applications in aerospace.

Arts & Entertainment


Hours before the first "Rolling!" is called, to well after wrap, tape plays a major role in many applications on set, stage, and in the field. Besides the omnipresent gaffer's tape, there are many other specialty tapes that get used in the Arts & Entertainment world.



Double-sided tapes abound in every car or truck you see on the road. From anti-squeak UHMW, to bonding low surface energy materials like the plastic panels on doors, tape is a major component of automotive manufacturing.



Tape invisibly secures many circuit boards and circuit board components. Advanced polyester and polyimide tapes exist in handheld devices, computers, and cell phones.



From packaging and distribution, to PTFE film tapes used in heat sealing, the food industry relies on tape for a wide array of applications every day.



Manufacturing is the backbone of America, and tape plays a big part in holding it all together.  Applications like masking plasma spray and surface protection during liquid powder coating highlight how the scope of tape in manufacturing is as limitless as the imagination.



At the end of every manufacturing line, a solution exists to pack, seal, and ship the finished product - oftentimes completely automated. Whether these cartons are sealed manually or automatically, carton-sealing tapes provide the critical bond to keep the goods safely packaged until they've reached their final destination.



In the fast-paced world of wide-web printing, losing even one minute due to low quality tape is not an option. Whether the application involves mounting of flexographic plates or solutions for automated flying splices and core-starting, let our years of experience work for you to keep the presses rolling!



Major scientific advances in the world of high-bond tape has been a boon for the signage industry. Now, there are legitimate opportunities to replace riveting, welding, and other forms of mechanical bonding, through the use of high-bond tape.