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PE / Polyethelene Tape

Polyethylene films are the most common type of plastic, and an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. Offering flexibility, conformability, and excellent chemical resistance, these films are used in a range of applications from surface protection to packaging to application tape. Polyethylene film is available with or without adhesive and various grades of densities. Polyethylene film is the primary material for polyethylene tape, which used as backing, and other material is adhesive or rubber used as primer. Adhesive can be used both side of the film.

Polyethylene tape can be used for:

  • General sealing of containers and irregularly shaped objects
  • Electroplating and PC board masking
  • Silicon chip holding
  • Decoration, safety marking and color coding
  • Nuclear power plant construction and maintenance (because of low chloride and halogen content)
  • Corrosion-sensitive applications (because of low chloride and halogen content)
  • Outdoor applications of sealing, protecting, and preserving
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3M 480 Polyethylene Tape
3M™ Polyethylene Tape 480 has a transparent polyethylene backing with a long aging transparent acryl..
3M 4811 Preservation Sealing Tape
3M™ Preservation Sealing Tape 4811 is a white polyethylene backing with a unique rubber adhesive tha..
Berry Plastics 823 Polyethylene Electrical Tape
Polyken 823 is a PE film electrical tape with a black rubber based adhesive. Polyethylene film backi..
Intertape PE7 Polyethylene Film Tape
DESCRIPTION Durable, moisture resistant polyethylene(PE) film backing with a synthetic rubberbasedp..
Intertape PE8 Preservation Tape
DESCRIPTION PE8 has a durable, moisture resistant PE(polyethylene) backing with a rubberbasedpressu..
Intertape PE9 Polyethylene Film Sealing Tape
DESCRIPTION Durable, moisture resistant PE(polyethylene) film backing with asynthetic rubber-based ..
Patco 503A offers durability, excellent conformability and a solvent resistant backing combined with..
Patco 503R Economy Polyethylene Film Tape
Patco 503R offers durable conformability combined with an aggressive permanent rubber based adhesive..
Patco 5067-53 Clear Polyethylene Premium Greenhouse Patch Tape
Patco 5067-53 is UV and weather resistant. It has an aggressive bond and withstands extended exposur..
Patco 5068 has a Low Density Polyethylene backing with acrylic-based pressure sensitive adhesive. Co..
Patco 5400 combines a heavy duty, weather resistant polyethylene backing with a non-staining, clean ..
Patco 5410 combines heavy duty, weather resistant polyethylene backing with a non-staining, clean re..
Patco 542 is a Medium-Density Polyethylene with Rubber-based PSA. Solvent & moisture resistant. ..
Patco 545 is a LDPE tape with acid-free acrylic adhesive provides an economical alternative for over..
Patco 555 combines the conformability, abrasion, and chemical resistance of polyethylene film with a..