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Flatback Tape


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3M 2515 General Use Flatback Tape
3M™ General Use Flatback Tape 2515 can be used for splicing, bundling, holding, fastening, tabbing a..
3M 2517 Flatback Tape
3M™ Flatback Tape 2517 is a general purpose tape for splicing liner boards, roll tabbing, core start..
3M 2519  High Performance Flatback Tape
A high-performance, general purpose tape ideal for splicing liner boards, as well as bundling and ..
3M 2525 Performance Flatback Tape
Scotch® Performance Flatback Tape 2525 is used in holding, splicing or masking applications where hi..
3M 2526 Textile Flatback Tape
3M™ Textile Flatback Tape 2526 is used in the textile industry where high adhesion strength and high..
3M 3051 Low Tack Flatback Paper Tape- Discontinued
3M™ Low Tack Paper Tape 3051 is designed to apply easily and remove cleanly from a variety of surfac..
Intertape 525 Kraft Utility Paper Flatback Tape
An aggressive pressure sensitive flatback with an adhesive that has been specifically desi..
Intertape 530 has an aggressive pressure sensitive flatback with an adhesive that has been spec..
Intertape 534 Flatback Tape
Intertape 534 is a medium grade flatback tape. It has a moisture resistant kraft flatback paper ..
Intertape 538 Premium Flatback Tape
Intertape 538 is a high performance, water resistant, carton sealing, bleached kraft flatback pressu..
Intertape 539 Flatback Tape
Intertape 539 Kraft Medium Grade Paper Flatback Tape is a moisture resistant kraft flatback pape..
Intertape 546 Specialty Colored Identification Kraft Flatback Tape
DESCRIPTION A moisture resistant flatback, mediumtensile strength, pressure-sensitive,packaging and..
Intertape 591 Premium Double-Coated Flatback Tape
Intertape 591 is a bleached flatback paper product coated with a high shear resistant pressure-sen..
Intertape 592 Medium Grade Double-Coated Paper Tape
Intertape 592 is a beige crepe paper tape coated on both sides with an aggressive, pressure-sensitiv..
Intertape BD1 Specialty High Strength Rope Fiber Flatback
DESCRIPTION A high strength, rope fiber flatback paper,pressure sensitive tape featuring hightensil..