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Western Plastics Air Flow Stretch Film

Western Plastics Air Flow Stretch Film
Western Plastics Air Flow Stretch Film
Brand: Western Plastics
Product Code: WAF

Western Plastics Air Flow Stretch Film

Air-Flow pallet wrap is a stretch film with die cut holes for ventilation. Air-Flow is a proven alternative that services the agricultural, industrial and manufacturing industries. Air-Flow comes in two die cut variations: Air-Flow Standard Film and Air-Flow Premium. I has a elasticity of 70% and breaking strength of 35kg. 

 Air-Flow meets many industry challenges: condensation, even cooling, reduces spoilage, waste reduction, labor saving, forklift friendly, less wear, freezer film. 

Airflow Products 
Item No.
WAF03 17" 10.60 1000' 4 Extended Core Handle
WAF04 17" 8.75 3000' 90 3" Core Handle
WAF84 17" 29.77 8400' 40 Machine Grade
WAF18 19" 29.00 3300' 40 Premium Air-Flow- Machine Grade

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