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Floor Mats

Along with all the mats listed below, we also offer the ability to print customized logos or stock prints onto mats. Mats can be printed with customized logos to help promote your business, or with stock safety precaution and warning images to caution at the workplace. Please contact us hereif you are interested in any mats you do not see below, and/or custom printed mats. 

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Andersen Brush Hog Mats
Brush Hog Outdoor entrance mats are 100% solution-dyed nylon face won’t fade in sunlight. Rubber bac..
Andersen Brush Hog Plus Mats
Brush Hog Plus Mats are 100% solution-dyed nylon face won’t fade in sunlight. Rubber backing has 20%..
Andersen Cobblestone Mats
Cobblestone Mats are sturdy ribbed design scrapes and traps soil within the recessed grooves. Durabl..
Andersen Comfort Flow Mats
Comfort Flow Anti-Fatigue Mats are made of high density closed cell Nitrile rubber cushion has 15% r..
Andersen Cushion Station Mats
Cushion Station Anti-Fatigue Mats are highly durable closed-cell Nitrile rubber cushion combined wit..
Andersen Eco Select Mats
Eco Select Mats are 30 oz/sq yd 100% post consumer recycled PET fabric reclaimed from plastic drink ..
Andersen Enviro Plus Mats
Enviro Plus Mats are 30 oz. sq/yd 100% post consumer recycled PET fabric from plastic bottles. Backi..
Andersen Frontier Mats
Frontier mats are unbacked vinyl loop scraper mat. Filters dirt and water at the door. Order with or..
Andersen Happy Feet Mats
Happy Feet Anti-Fatigue Mats are constructed with a dense cushion encapsulated within oil/grease pro..
Andersen Hog Heaven Marble Top Mats
Hog Heaven Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mats are made of closed cell Nitrile rubber cushion provides long..
Andersen Hog Heaven Mats
Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats are made of nitrile rubber top surface has 20% recycled content. Closed..
Andersen Impressionist Mats
Imperessionist Mats are a continuous filament olefin yarn is colorfast and resists stains. 3/8” thic..
Andersen Linkable Floor Mats
  Name Mat Tile Types General Sizes  Colors  Comfort Flow HD Linkabl..
Andersen Stylist Mats
Stylist Mats are an effective barrier to keep moisture, dirt and dust from being tracked inside. Per..
Andersen Superscrape Eco Mats
Superscrape Eco Mats have a high recycled content: 95% post consumer recycled tires. Recycled symbol..