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Personal Protective Equipment

Along with all the mats listed below, we also offer the ability to print customized logos or stock prints onto mats. Mats can be printed with customized logos to help promote your business, or with stock safety precaution and warning images to caution at the workplace. Please contact us here if you are interested in any mats you do not see below, and/or custom printed mats. 


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PIP 09-K1250 G-Tek Polyurethane Coated Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves
09-K1250 G-Tek polyurethane coated kevlar cut resistant gloves have a seamless knit construction tha..
PIP 09-K1450 Solid Nitrile Grip with Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves
09-K1450 soild nitrile grip gloves with kevlar improves puncture resistance from sharp objects. The ..
PIP 19-D340OR G-Tek Dyneema Diamond Technology Fiber and Nitrile Coating Cut Resistant Gloves
19-D340OR G-Tek dyneema diamond technology fiber nitrile coating cut resistant gloves. The Nitrile g..
PIP 19-D470 G-Tek Cut Protection in Oily Environment Gloves
19-D470 G-Tek gloves provide protection in oily environments. Through the use of ATG Cut Tech techno..
PIP 19-D622 G-Tek Polyurethane Grip with Dyneema Cut Resistant Gloves
19-D622 G-Tek polyurethane grip gloves with dyneema are great white with a gray coating. They have c..
PIP 19-D750 G-Tek Solid Nitrile Grip with Spun Dyneema Cut Resistant Gloves
19-D750 G-Tek gloves are gray spun Dyneema and nylon with gray nitrile coated palm and finger tips f..
PIP 248-5090-400B 550 Softsides Direct Vent Safety Goggles
248-5090-400B 550 softsides direct vent safety goggles provide protection from chips and flying part..
PIP 248-5190-400B 551 Softsides Indirect Vent Safety Goggles
248-5190-400B safety goggles feature indirect vents on top and bottom to allow air to enter from the..
PIP 250-01-0020 Zenon Z12 Clear, Anti-Scratch/Anti-Fog Lens- Black Templed Rimless Safety Glasses
250-01-0020 Zenon Z12 safety glasses are clear, anti-scratch, anti-fog, black templed, and rimless. ..
PIP 250-08-0000 Zenon Z14SN Clear Safety Glasses
250-08-0000 Zenon Z14SN are clear anti-scratch safety glasses with a soft nospiece bridge. They are ..
PIP 250-27-0010 Zenon Z12R Reading Magnifier Bi-focal Safety Glasses
250-27-0010 Zenon Z12 reading magnifier bi-focal safety glasses offer a +1.00 diopter. They are clea..
PIP 250-28-0000 Adversary Wraparound Lenses Safety Glasses
250-28-0000 Adversary safety glasses are lightweight and have a semi-rimless design provides all day..
250-31-0010 Bullseye safety glasses have a trendy design that hits the mark with a lens treatment to..
250-32-0020 Recon Safety Glasses have a trendy rimless design that offers the ultimate comfort with ..
PIP 250-50-0420 Fuselage Interchangeable Temples and Headband Safety Glasses/Goggles
250-50-0420 Fuselage Safety glasses have interchangeable temples and headbands that provide proper p..