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3M 465 Transfer Tape with 400 Acrylic Adhesive

3M 465 Transfer Tape with 400 Acrylic Adhesive
Brand: 3M.
Product Code: 465

3M 465 Transfer Tape with 400 Acrylic Adhesive


3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes 463, 465, 9457, 9665 are made with 3M™ Acrylic Adhesive 400 and are ideal for bonding together a wide variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, metals, glass, and HSE (high surface energy) plastics. This pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive family features excellent initial adhesion to HSE materials with good holding power at lower temperatures. 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes 463, 465 and 9665 contain discrete glass fibers to aid in processing and handling of the product, 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 9457 does not contain fibers. This adhesive family offers constructions available in 1 mil and 2 mil thicknesses and provide a variety of liner configurations to help ensure optimum process flexibility.

*Same as 463, but with easy liner release for manual or hand application 

Applications: high-speed flying splices on most grades of paper; splicing of foils, films, fabrics; laminating adhesive for foams, photos; attaching metal or plastic nameplates; mounting promotional items, posters; core starting 


Filename Action
3M-400 acrylic adhesive.pdf [ Download File ]
Tech Specs
Backing Densified Kraft
Adhesive Type 400 Acrylic
Total Thickness 2 mils
Adhesion to Steel 72 hours: 25Oz/in 7N/100mm
Temperature Resistance 70 F to 100 F (21 C to 38 C)

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