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Polyken 345SW Premium Self- Wound Foil Tape

Polyken 345SW Premium Self- Wound Foil Tape
Brand: Berry Global
Product Code: 345SW

Polyken 345SW Premium Self- Wound Foil Tape

Polyken 345SW Premium Self- Wound Foil Tape is made with Heavy-Duty Dead Soft Aluminum Foil for sealing and masking of aircraft. Aluminum Foil Backing provides a vapor barrier from moisture, contamination or corrosion. Acts as a heat shield, minimizing heat transfer. Product demonstrates superior conformability, adapting to irregular surfaces extremely well. Acrylic Adhesive System developed for solvent resistance and clean removal from surfaces. High adhesion - adheres tightly without lifting. Excellent aging resistance with long-term bond performance.

Applications: Aerospace Speed Tape; windshields, and passenger Window mask to protect aircraft canopies, windshields, and passenger window surfaces from crazing or hazing during paint stripping operations. Masking tape in paint stripping and electro-plating application. Heavy-duty vapor barrier applications. Heat shielding and elimination of "hot" spoits in industrial maintenance application. Condenser and evaporator fastener in appliance and refrigeration industry. Diversion trough for wash-off of paints and chemicals during stripping and painting process Composite repair and manufacturing. Aerospace industry

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berry-polyken-345sw-spec-sheet.pdf [ Download File ]
Tech Specs
Backing Aluminum Foil
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Total Thickness 5.0 mils
Adhesion to Steel 68 oz/in
Tensile Strength 26 lb/in
Colors Aluminum

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