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Tesa 4156 PV1 Specialty Tape

Tesa 4156 PV1 Specialty Tape
Brand: Tesa
Product Code: 4156

Tesa 4156 PV1 Specialty Tape

Tesa® 4156 PV 1 is a specialty tape designed for film and negative masking. The tape is available as litho-red (colour 57).
▪ Light and age resistant and is easily removed without splitting or tearing. It also does not leave adhesive
▪ Easily applied as the tape lies flat during positioning and is not prone to edge curling.
▪ Ensures secure masking with perfect edge definition.
▪ Highly transparent to the human eye even without the use of a light table. Parts already masked
therefore remain visible thus enabling accurate positioning of the tape.
▪ Also suit-able for splicing of film.
*tesa® 4156 PV 1 is recommended for use with tesa® litho dispensers 6082 and 6090. Specially designed for litho work the straight-edge blade does not leave a serrated edge.

Filename Action
Tesa 4156.pdf [ Download File ]
Tech Specs
Backing Cellophane
Total Thickness 2.4 mils

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