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Tesa 52822 Foam Plate Mounting Tape
52822 Softprint Secure is a double-coated foam tape designed specifically for print process security..
Tesa 52916 Plate Mount Tape
52916 is specially designed for mounting photopolymer plates (1.14mm [0.045"] or 1.70mm [0.067"]) on..
Tesa 52917 Plate Mounting Tape
52917 is specially designed for mounting thin photopolymer plates (1.14mm [0.045"] or 1.70mm [0.067"..
Tesa 53017 High-End Photopolymer Plate Mounting Tape
tesa 53017 is a tough plasticized PVC tape coated with an aggressive modified rubber-resin adhesive,..
Tesa 53120 General Purpose Masking Tape
Tesa 53120 PV1 is a cost-efficient, crêped paper masking tape, good for general-purpose bundling, ho..
Tesa 53131 Bandoliering Tape
Tesa 53131 is a medium grade paper tape designed for bandoliering /sequencing of axial leaded compon..
Tesa 53200 is specially designed for low energy surfaces. It combines a thin backing, with a high-pe..
Tesa 53300 is designed for low energy surfaces. It combines a mid-range tensile strength backing, wi..
Tesa 53311 High Performance Strength Filament Tape
Tesa 53311 is a very high strength polyester backed fiberglass reinforced filament tape. 53311 has a..
Tesa 53313 Performace Grade Kraft Flatback Tape
Tesa 53313 is a kraft paper flatback tape with a blend of natural and synthetic rubber adhesive syst..
Tesa 53314 Non-Staining High Strength Filament Tape
Tesa 53314 is a high strength polyester backed fiber glass reinforced filament tape.Tesa 53314 has a..
Tesa 53317 General Purpose Filament Tape
Tesa 53317 PV01 is a low tensile, economical fiberglass reinforced filament tape, with an aggressive..
Tesa 53318 Performance Strength Filament Tape
Tesa 53318 is a medium tensile strength fiberglass reinforced filament tape. It has an aggressive, h..
Tesa 53319 Moderate Tensile Filament Reinforced Tape
Tesa 53319 is a medium tensile, fiberglass reinforced tape with an aggressive high-tack synthetic ..
Tesa 53949 PV2 Matte Gaffer Tape
Tesa 53949 PV2 is a matte gaffer tape specially designed for the arts and entertainment industry. It..