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Tesa 62936 Double-Sided PE Foam Mounting Tape
Tesa 62936 is a double-sided PE-foam tape for constructive mounting applications. It consists of a h..
Tesa 6300 Economy Tape Dispenser
Tesa 6300 hand dispenser is a good value dispenser for professional sealing of all kind of tesa pack..
Tesa 64250 Flexible Tensilized Polypropylene Transport Securing Tape
Tesa 64250 combinees flexibility with strength of a tensilized polyproylene backing. Due to its outs..
Tesa 64613 Utility Grade Duct Tape
Tesa 64613 is a high shear and high tensile poly-coated cloth tape providing easy hand-tearability a..
Tesa 64620 Double-Sided Film Tape
Tesa 64620 is a double-sided self-adhesive tape, consisting of a white PP-carrier and a synthetic ru..
Tesa 64621 Double-Coated Film Tape
Tesa 64621 is a transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PP-carrier and a synthet..
Tesa 64662 Industrial Grade Duct Tape
Tesa 64662 offers excellent tensile strength and hand tearability. Tesa 64662 is available in a vari..
Tesa 64663 Professional Grade Heavy Duct Tape
Tesa 64663 is a duct tape with an aggressive adhesive for demanding industrial applications, such as..
Tesa 64958 Double-Sided PE Foam tape
Tesa 64958 is a white double-sided tape with a PE-foam backing and a synthetic rubber adhesive. ..
Tesa 7054 ACXplus High Transparency Acrylic Tape
Tesa ACXplus 7054 is a transparent acrylic core tape. It consists of a high-performance acrylic syst..
Tesa 7055 ACXplus Transparent Hi Bond Acrylic Tape
  Product description tesa® ACXplus 7055 is a double-sided transparent acrylic core tape...
Tesa 7063 ACXplus High Adhesion Black Acrylic Foam Tape
Tesa ACXplus 7063 is a black acrylic foam tape. It consists of a high-performance acrylic syste..
Tesa 7065 ACXplus Acrylic Core Tape
Tesa ACXplus 7065 is a black acrylic foam tape.It consists of a high-performance acrylic system and ..
Tesa 7076 ACXplus High Resistance Black Acrylic Foam Tape
Tesa ACXplus 7076 is a permanent bond black acrylic foam tape. It consists of a high-performance acr..
Tesa 7133 Filmic Masking Tape
Tesa 7133 is a self-adhesive polypropylene tape with a natural rubber adhesive. Applications: maski..