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Tesa 4671 Acrylic Coated Cloth Tape
Tesa 4671 is a strong acrylic coated cloth tape. It is based on a 120 mesh woven rayon fabric backin..
Tesa 4688 PE Extruded Cloth Tape
Tesa 4688 is a standard grade polyethylene coated cloth tape. It is based on a 55 mesh woven PET/ray..
Tesa 4840 Premium Plastering Embossed Masking Tape
Tesa® 4840 consists of a stable, ribbed film backing which is coated with a natural, UV-resistant, r..
Tesa 4848 PV1 Surface Protection Film
Tesa 4848PV1 surface protection film features an environmentally friendly polyethylene backing and a..
Tesa 4863 Silicone Rubber Coated Fabric Tape
Tesa 4863 consists of a specially treated fabric covered with a silicone rubber coating. This embo..
Tesa 4900 Acrylic Transfer Tape
Tesa 4900 consists of a transparent pure acrylic adhesive. The adhesive is transparent, aging resi..
Tesa 4928 is a transparent Double-Sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET backing and a modifie..
Tesa 4934 Double-Sided Cloth Tape
Tesa 4934 is a Double-Sided tape cloth tape. It consists of a fabric backing with a thick, tacky adh..
Tesa 4939 Double-Sided PET Cloth Tape
Tesa® 4939 is a double-sided floor laying tape. It consists of a strong PET-cloth backing in combina..
Tesa 4943 Double-Coated Non-Woven Tape
Tesa® 4943 is a Double-Coated tape consisting of a non-woven backing equipped with a solvent based t..
Tesa 4952 Double-Sided PE Foam Tape
Tesa 4952 is a double-sided tape consisting of a conformable white closed cell PE-foam backing and a..
Tesa 4954 is a general purpose double-sided tape. It offers extremely high sheer strength, very good..
Tesa 4957 Double-Sided General Purpose PE Foam Tape
Tesa 4957 is a double-sided tape consisting of a very conformable closed cell PE-foam backing and a ..
Tesa 4959 Double-Sided Mounting Tape
Tesa 4959 is a double-sided mounting and splicing tape equipped with a non-woven backing and coated ..
Tesa 4961 Double-Coated Paper Backing Tape
Tesa 4961 consists of a natural rubber adhesive and special paper backing. The ”hard” adhesive syste..