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3M 2542 Aluminum Foil Vibration Damping Tape

3M 2542 Aluminum Foil Vibration Damping Tape
Brand: 3M.
Product Code: 2542

3M 2542 Aluminum Foil Vibration Damping Tape

3M™ Damping Foil 2542 consists of a room temperature pressure sensitive viscoelastic polymer on dead soft aluminum foil and is designed for application to vibrating panels and support members. This combination of viscoelastic polymer and an aluminum foil backing (a constrained layer damper, or CLD) has proved to be a unique construction with exceptional ability to control resonant vibrations in the temperature range of 0° to 60°C (32° to 140°F). The adhesion characteristics of this material allow application to many substrates.

Applications: automotive and industrial applications, electronic equipment and appliances, and reduce resonant noise, vibration, and fatigue in metal and plastic panels on support structures

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3m-2542-data-sheet.pdf [ Download File ]
Tech Specs
Backing Aluminum
Adhesive Type Viscoelastic Acrylic Dampin Polymer
Total Thickness 10 mils
Adhesion to Steel 65 oz/in width (72 N/100 mm)
Tensile Strength 63 lbs/in width (1102 N/100 mm)
Elongation at Break 7%
Operating Temperature -25°F to 175°F (-32°C to 80°C) Peak damping from 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)

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