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3M 1430 Aluminum Foil Reinforced Tape

3M 1430 Aluminum Foil Reinforced Tape
Brand: 3M.
Product Code: 1430

3M 1430 Aluminum Foil Reinforced Tape

3M™ Aluminum Foil/Reinforced Tape 1430 is a dead soft aluminum foil tape combined with a non-woven web. It has a press sensitive adhesive and offers the superior sealing benefits of foil with the ease of handling and strength of cloth. Aluminum backing provides an excellent reflective surface for both heat and light. Performs from -56°F (-54°C) to 300°F (149°C) continuously and has been known to perform when exposed to temperatures in excess of 400°F (204°C) for shorter periods of time. Generally, adhesive transfer occurs on removal when the higher temperature limits are reached. It conforms better and does not puncture and tear as easily as many thin foil tapes that come on a liner. Because of its excellent handling and edge sealing qualities, it’s much easier and faster to apply than many of the standard foils, especially the linered foils. It can be applied to many complex shapes and contoured surfaces easily.

Applications: sealing and protecting of complex shapes and contoured surfaces, excellent general purpose duct sealing, moisture barrier around windows, electronic sensing of splices for flexible materials, insulation wrap for hoses and other flexible parts, seaming of insulation board, and general sealant indoors or out

Filename Action
3m-1430-data-sheet.pdf [ Download File ]
Tech Specs
Backing Aluminum Foil Non-woven Web
Adhesive Type Transparent Acrylic
Total Thickness 5.5 mils
Adhesion to Steel 22 oz/in (24 N/100mm)
Tensile Strength 19 lb/in (333 N/100mm)
Colors silver

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