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Nashua 345 Premium Duct Tape
Nashua 345 is a professional grade, 12 mil, waterproof duct tape with aggressive adhesive for a wide..
Nashua 349 Super Premium Duct Tape
Nashua 349 is a super-premium polyethylene coated duct tape. Super thick material provides outstandi..
Nashua 354 Premium Duct Tape
Berry Plastics Nashua 354 is a premium grade, PE coated duct tape with rubber-based adhesive. It is ..
Nashua 357 Premium Duct Tape
Nashua 357 is a high tensile strength, very durable, duct tape with a clean release. Used for duct s..
Nashua 357N Nuclear Grade Duct Tape
Nashua 357N is a premium grade nuclear duct tape with a clean release. 357N meets the ANSI and NRC r..
Nashua 361-11 Waterproofing Repair Foil Tape
Nashua 361-11 is comprised of a foil backing with butyl rubber adhesive. Forms a permanent seal with..
Nashua 365 Professional Grade Metallic Duct Tape
Nashua 365 metalized duct tape is used to match and close aluminum, steel, and other types of metal...
Nashua 396 Multi-Purpose Duct Tape
Nashua 396 is a general-purpose duct tape It has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, a..
Nashua 398 Professional Grade Duct Tape
Nashua 398 is a professional grade duct tape. It is excellent for varied uses such as sealing insula..
Nashua 398 Professional Nuclear Grade Duct Tape
Nashua 398 is a multi-purpose grade nuclear tape with clean release used in a broad range of applica..
Nashua 438 Extreme Weather FSK Tape
Nashua 438 Extreme Weather FSK Tape ApplicationsVapor barrier seal for insulation facingSealing ins..
Nashua 557 Premium Duct Tape
Nashua 557 is a premium performance duct tape that is specially engineered for flex duct systems (PR..
Nashua 558CA Premium Duct Tape
Nashua 558CA is a butyl adhesive tape for use on flexible HVAC ducts in both residential and commerc..
Nashua 657 Stucco Masking Duct Tape
Nashua 657 is a red polyethylene coated cloth tape with rubber-based adhesive. High-quality PE coate..
Nashua 850UV UV Resistant Stucco Masking Duct Tape
Nashua 850UV is a UV inhibiting PE coated duct tape. UV resistant for up to 14 days. Clean removal, ..