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Polyken 225FR Flame Retardant Duct Tape
Polyken 225FR is a superior flame retardant, polyethylene coated, waterproof tape, with an exception..
Polyken 226 Premium Nuclear Grade Duct Tape
Polyken 226 is a nuclear grade cloth duct tape, with polyethylene coated cloth that meets nuclear re..
Polyken 227 Professional Grade Duct Tape
Polyken 227 is a polyethylene coated cloth tape. Bonds to all types of surfaces, and is easily appli..
Polyken 229 Premium Grade Duct Tape
Polyken 229 is a heavy duty contractor grade duct tape. Excellent on flex duct, sealing duct work, g..
Polyken 231 Premium Military Grade Duct Tape
Polyken 231 from Berry Plastics is a high-performance, waterproof duct tape. This polyethylene coa..
Polyken 235FR
Polyken 235FR is a flame retardant Duct Tape used where flame retardance is required.  The tape..
Polyken 236 Premium Printed Duct Tape
Polyken 236 is a heavy duty printed duct tape (PRINTED). Heavy duty duct tape with an aggressive adh..
Polyken 243 Multi-Purpose Duct Tape
Polyken 243 duct tape is excellent for flex duct, seal duct work, general purpose packaging, hold do..
Polyken 244 Multi-Purpose Duct Tape
Polyken 244 is a durable multi-purpose grade duct tape used for a variety of abatement applications...
Polyken 251 Professional Grade Metallic Duct Tape
Polyken 251 is a professional grade, metallized duct tape. Metalized polycoated cloth backed tape, w..
Polyken 253 Premium Duct Tape
Polyken 253 is a premium performance tape, with special adhesive formulation for quick grab. High qu..
Polyken 281 PE Coated Moisture Barrier Tape
Polyken 281 PE Coated Moisture Barrier Tape features a composite cloth backing with an aggresive nat..
Polyken 290FR Flame Retardant Fiberglass Cloth Tape
Polyken 290FR is a printed, linerless, flame retardant glass cloth tape for aircraft cargo compartme..
Polyken 296FR Flame Retardant Lightweight Fiberglass Cloth Tape
Polyken 296FR is a lightweight cargo compartment tape. It has a fiberglass cloth with flame retardan..
Polyken 297 Flame Retardant Fiberglass Cloth Tape
Polyken 297 is a unprinted flame retardant, linered, fiberglass tape for aircraft cargo compartment ..